January 10, 2013

Another Way of Putting It.....

Re-phrasing yesterday's post into another context
Yesterday's post was an interesting affair because it was re-tweeted several times and by my rough estimation a link to the blog reached roughly 118,000 people, which is a number far greater than the total page count views I've had since I started this blog back in 2004.

Of course not everyone sent the link stopped by, in fact, at best only one in 300 did so.  Still, that is a lot of people and I have more comments for that post than for any other.

Good....bad...whether I agreed with the poster or not, I tried to approve the comments.  There were some that tried to use my words as support for their opinions and viewpoints, some of which I did not espouse to and others that didn't seem to get it.

For those that might not "get" my point....even if you don't agree with my viewpoint, it doesn't mean you are "wrong", just that you either didn't understand me, or simply didn't wish to understand because of conflicting viewpoints.  I cannot do anything regarding the latter, but since it is my blog, I can attempt to do something if the problem was the former.

Let me attempt to re-phrase the whole Scout situation with completely different parameters.  I'm certain some will find this exercise recockulous, some will take great offense, and unfortunately some still might not get it.  I can only do so much and if this effort falls short also.....all we are out is the time spent posting and reading posts.

Another Way of Putting It.....
Imagine Barack Obama, back in 2008, was running for the Republican Party's presidential nomination.  He's built himself up in the party, did a lot of work for the party and managed to meet the myriad requirements leading up to the Republican National Convention.  He got his team together, lead them through the campaign and got all of his ducks in a row.  He is at the convention, standing up on the stage and it is evident he is going to get the nomination.  It comes out that no, Barack Obama isn't completely a Republican.  He's on record stating he simply does not agree to the Republican Party's fundamental principles.

Barack is not given the Republican Party's presidential nomination because he doesn't meet the requirements for their nominee.  After the election he is formally dismissed from the party.  They don't want him in the party serving in a leadership role.

Now the Obama family is reaching out to the media and the story that is being run is that Obama was discriminated against because he was black.  Petitions are started and arguments raised that Obama should go ahead and get the nomination because he did all this work leading up to the convention.  He earned it.

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