January 11, 2013

Gun Education vs. Gun Control

Public Domain picture by Jean Sander
In the last 24 hours I've heard what I consider some stupid ideas regarding gun control.  First an Iowa State Congressman suggests that we have a retroactive gun ban and confiscation of semi-automatic firearms.

Now we have a suggested bill in Connecticut banning firearms capable of firing more than one round.


I'm not saying we shouldn't have a dialogue on gun control.  Of course, for many conservatives gun control means they use both hands when firing.  That may be a bad joke, but it highlights something here: conservatives on the issue of gun control generally seem to have a bit more firearms education.

Take the Iowa Congressman.  The article linked above mentions he owns three firearms: a .410 shotgun, a .22 rifle, and a .22 pistol.  Now odds are at least one, most likely two of those firearms are in fact semi-automatic.

Almost all my firearms are semi-autos, and I would argue the overwhelming majority of rifles and pistols are semi-automatic.

I honestly do not know if the Congressman knows what he is talking about, but he is a Congressman, so I'm not sure he gets the benefit of the doubt.  If anyone had the resources to get some knowledge before they spoke I would assume it would be our legislators.

You know how many of my firearms can fire more than one bullet at a time?  None of them.  Most people don't have fully automatic weapons.  Of course you could easily argue that even when I was in the Air Force and my primary weapon was a fully automatic GAU-5P I still was only firing one bullet at a time.  I was able to fire one bullet at a time very quickly, but technically only one bullet at a time.  In order for me to get a firearm only capable of shooting one shot before reloading I'd have to go to my father's home and get my .32 muzzle-loader from my childhood.

It is painfully obvious to me that there is one thing we are definitely missing in this country.  It isn't necessarily gun control, but it is some gun education.  We can go ahead a make up all the laws we want, stupid or not.  Super restrictive gun laws like the ones suggested in this post will mostly affect one group of people: law-abiding, educated gun owners.

If we could get, at a minimum, our elected leaders educated about firearms and firearm safety, then maybe we can start a decent dialogue on gun control. Right now we have some scared liberals that seem to be making up stuff as they go along.

I've seen a scared liberal up-close on the issue of gun control.  My wife and I had a game night at the house and one of my friends, almost an old-army buddy, asked to see some of my rifles.  He thought they were pretty cool and brought them out to show off to someone in the group assembled at the game table.  He had ensured they were unloaded, and in one case actually removed the bolt, handled them safely and properly the entire time.  My very liberal friend about shit his pants at the mere sight of the rifles which the other friends brought out one at a time.  The liberal friend stated he was uncomfortable knowing there were (unloaded) firearms in my home.  My home...locked up in my gun safe away from the ammunition locked in my ammo safe.

Of course he totally forgot that the other friend was a bail bondsman who was usually armed, but it was my home and I didn't have a problem.

While he may have been scared that one night, I'm continually scared that people like him are trying to make uninformed decisions that probably don't even affect them directly.  Sure Rep. Muhlbauer might lose his .22 pistol and maybe his rifle, but he could probably get an exception made so he can keep them.  Something tells me Sen. Meyer doesn't have any firearms, but if he did I bet he'd have an exception made too.

I think most law-abiding gun owners wouldn't have a problem having a reasonable discussion on gun control.  Hell, I bet they'd probably have some good ideas on the subject.  Too bad the liberals, or at least the ones suggesting these crazy laws, probably wouldn't understand them.

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