January 28, 2013

Canadian Geese are Dicks

Image from Rror (Wikipedia)
I have come to the conclusion that Canadian Geese are dicks and we should be able to hunt them in our city parks.

Boise has a large number of year-round Canadian Geese due to the river and an ample number of parks along said river.  You cannot go to the park without stepping in piles of goose shit.  It is getting kind of bad.  The geese know you can't screw with them and they act like they own the place.

Dogs have to be on-lease in the city's parks, which makes sense, but this means that the biggest threat to the geese are the damned squirrels.  The parks are off-limits at night.

On my way downtown to visit the BSU campus I had to slam on my brakes because the two vehicles in front of me decided to do the same thing.  The lead vehicle, a SUV, was trying to avoid a goose that had wandered out into the road.  The geese are getting so brazen they just go wherever they damn well please because they always get the right of way.

I don't know about you, but I was taught that if the animal is smaller than your wheel you don't slam on the brakes or swerve to avoid it.  You are more likely to cause an accident doing so than you would running the beast over.

I propose we issue Canadian Goose permits for the city parks.  I think you'd have to use a slingshot or some other  relatively safe means.  I am also ok with making the parks temporary off-lease areas so people can deliberately have their dogs harass the geese.  Maybe eventually they will decide to become migratory again.

Until then, they are just guests who have over-extended their stay.

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Dan said...

Yeah, its getting silly. I think I heard once they do try and round up a few and kick em out, but more just come back. Its silly to think we have these parks to relax in, but we can't because of all the poop. So who is the park for anyways???