January 29, 2013

Gearbox Half-Assing a "Fix" for a Day-One Bug in Borderlands 2

I won't bore you too much with a long-winded Borderlands rant, but I did get word that the gearbox crew is initiating a "hot fix" for Borderlands 2.

What is a "hot fix"?  That is when they basically apply a mini-patch that requires your device to be connected to the internet when you start the game.  Unlike a regular patch that you download once and can play when you want, a "hot fix" has to be downloaded and applied every time you play the game.

One of the "fixes" is being applied to the Assasin's "Slayer of Terramorphous" class mods.  When you beat the game and pretty much finish the story line you get a final mission to beat on Terramorphous....but you really can't.  You really need to play through the whole game a second time in True Vault Hunter Mode so you can get up to level 50.  Once at level 50 you can grind for days or weeks to get decent enough gear so that you have a chance in hell of killing Terramorphous.  Once you do all that, then you can grind on Terramorphous for a while and hope to get one of his legendary class mods.  These mods affect a bunch of skills, give you a stat boost, and add to your fire damage.

So here you've had to play the game twice (pretty much), grind for gear, and then slug it out with Terramorphous until he drops a class mod.....and then grind some more because he didn't drop your class mod.

Now imagine your joy in finally getting the Slayer of Terramorphous class mod for your Assassin only to find out that one of the skill boosts listed is for the Gunzerker class.  Basically you just got boned on this item you worked so hard to get.

Now imagine that this was built into the game since day one......over four months ago.  Gearbox has had plenty of patches since then, but they'd rather just put their effort into taking away from your efforts, not rewarding them.

I really haven't played Borderlands 2 in a month or two.  I don't see the point.  They've announced they'd be putting in a new level cap, so why would I want to play if my XP is just being flushed?  I could grind for more gear, but the moment that level cap comes all my stuff goes to shit as higher level gear becomes available.

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