January 25, 2013

Finally Finished The Walking Dead Game (No Spoilers!)

The Walking Dead Game
I just finally finished The Walking Dead game for Xbox.  I'm not even remotely surprised that it received a 94% Metacritic rating.

I had played the first two episodes (of five) and wanted to wait until the rest of the game had come out and I was motivated to play.  I'm glad I waited because it was awesome getting to play through the rest of the series pretty much in one go.

There are plenty of games I've really enjoyed, but I cannot think of one that got me emotionally involved.  This game series was just so....powerful.  I really cannot think of any better way to put it.

I enjoyed the comics and most everything else from The Walking Dead has been fine, but I would say that this rather non-traditional video game beats everything else....it is really no contest.

Now that I've heard that Telltale games is giving the first episode away for free....I highly recommend everyone it out.  In my opinion the first game was the worst of the lot as far as gameplay, and I enjoyed it immensely.

You've got six days left to get it.

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