January 23, 2013

Funny Duo of Garfunkel and Oates

I swear....people need to stop doing funny things that crack me up.  I need to pace myself on the laughs because I need to save some for a rainy day.

Today I stumbled upon a the comedy duo of Garfunkel and Oates.  For the most part the two do a musical comedy bit where Garfunkel (Riki Lindhome) plays the guitar and Oates (Kate Micucci) plays the ukulele.  Now I'm a sucker for a ukulele....always have been, but it is the content of their work that hooks me.

Be forewarned that their stuff is generally NSFW and probably offensive to some more religiously conservative types.

I enjoy their work and will probably be buying their songs on iTunes.  There is one song that I've only seen on YouTube, which is too bad because it is funny and irreverent as hell.

I like it when people can put a spin on something serious, bring attention to it without having to be so dramatic.  I think you should be able to laugh at things that care about and even things that you don't like.  Comedy doesn't have to be mean to be funny.

Here is a PSA from Riki that does a good job demonstrating some of Garfunkel and Oates humor (I don't know if Kate was involved):

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