January 1, 2013

Walking Dead Survival Instinct

Walking Dead Survival Instinct
I'll be the first to admit that the Zombie genre is getting to be overdone, but as long as new creative efforts in this genre are well done, it can keep trudging along.

I like the Walking Dead comic.  The AMC show is different and I haven't even watched the second episode....but I still have it high up on my Netflix que.  The Walking Dead Assault game for the iPad was pretty good, and I adore the Walking Dead Game on Xbox.

As long as people can keep cranking out fun Walking Dead products, I'll keep enjoying them.  I really hope that AMC's The Walking Dead Survival Instinct game ends up a good product.  The company that is working on the game has released a brief gameplay video.

2013.05.26 Edit: Evidently this video was pulled by the studio, so I've subbed in an IGN review of the game.

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