February 13, 2013

My Mind is Playing Tricks on Me

Dream-Writing Monkeys Churning out Crap
I know I've had a lot on my mind lately, with school, looking for work, Toastmasters, and a few side projects, but lately things have been taking a turn for the weird, like those monkey's in my brain gave up trying to create Shakespeare and instead have concentrated on Kafka.

Now it isn't uncommon for me to have some strange & vivid dreams during the spring and fall.  I don't know why....it just happens.  Usually I'm "me" and it is obvious that my dreams are working out things I've seen and/or done recently.  I can make for some good times if I've been watching a lot of the A-Team or playing Left 4 Dead.

Weird Chicken Dream
Last night though.....I dreamed I was a chicken.  Not a live chicken either, but a whole fryer chicken, ready to be cooked up.  The thing is, that isn't even the strange part of the dream.  I was a Canadian chicken, part of a unit of fryers on military wargame exercises.  It was our job to infiltrate the US and spread out.  What we were to do after infiltration is anyone's guess, but we were to spend antiquated Deutsche Marks as we spread our to somehow track out infiltration progress.  Evidently this was something we could do.

This was as far as my dream got.  I just kept having this same short dream over and over until I woke up this morning.  I have no idea what it means.  If any of you are amateur dream-sleuths, please fill me in.

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