March 7, 2013

Dutch Bros Coffee Gives Back to the Community

Dutch Bros Coffee Gives Back to the Community
There is a "new" coffee shop on the lot where my wife's Fred Meyer store is.  I'm not much of a coffee drinker because it spins me up far too fast, but I do like my chai tea.

On the rare day I had a couple of extra bucks and the need to chill before what was going to be some stressful exams, I stopped by to check out this new Dutch Bros. location.  I had a blended (iced) chai tea with coconut milk....awesome by the way, thanks for asking.

As they were making my drink I noticed that they are having a special fundraiser tomorrow, Friday March 8th, at all of the Boise Dutch Bros. locations.  They are raising money for a little girl's experimental leukemia treatment.  It struck me that not only did this place serve great coffee and tea drinks (my wife gushes about their coffee, so I'm using her opinion on that side of things), but they give back to the community as well.  When I got home I popped onto their website for details.

Avrey Walker Day at Dutch Bros.
Now this little girl, Avrey Walker, is the niece of Dutch Bros. owners, which for some might be a bit of a detraction, and if this is the case for you, please head over to the Dutch Bros. News & Events page and prepare to have your mind blown.  You'll find ten (10) other assorted fundraising events from this year alone!  

Now I knew that when they open a new location drinks are free that day.  When they opened this location I avoided it like the plague because everybody and their dog was lining up for free drinks.

I just hope that all those folks who got their free drinks when this place opened come back to buy drinks tomorrow.

Of course it would be even cooler if these folks got their drinks while on the way to get registered for the National Marrow Donor Registry.  Then they could help not only Avrey, but all the children with leukemia.

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