March 9, 2013

The BSA Working to Make an Informed Decision

BSA Opinion Poll
This morning I was asked to fill out a brief opinion poll regarding the Boy Scouts of America and their position on homosexual Scouts and Scouters.

I've spoken about a more recent controversy regarding this issue in the past, and I was surprised at how many people either didn't get my point or simply decided that my thoughts on the matter mirrored their I don't claim to be a great writer, but it was obvious to me that neither one of these groups bothered to actually read my post.  Skim, maybe.....

Not too long after this brouhaha, the National BSA Council decided to post-pone their ruling on the subject.  Of course all of the gay-rights activists, and some of the media, thought this was a chicken-shit thing to do, but I for one applauded the decision for one simple fact: Whatever decision they make needed to be an informed decision where the BSA was cognizant of any and all repercussions that decision has.

On a personal note, I find it mildly amusing that the same folks that are pressuring the BSA to change their ways want them to jump into such a decision.  Now I don't know about you, but when I'm feeling bullied and pressured I'm much more likely to say "no" and go with the status quo.

These executives will be meeting next month to re-visit the issue, and I'm glad that they are reaching out to poll volunteers about their opinions on the subject.  We already know what these groups on the left want, but in many ways any decision made really isn't going to affect them.  I doubt if the BSA opened it's doors to homosexual Scouts and Scouters tomorrow there wouldn't be an outpouring of support from those that have been pushing for this all along.  I doubt they'd see any money, or adult volunteers step forward.....except from those that already supported the Scouts, or had until they came out.  The Left (I know I probably shouldn't be painting with such a wide brush) will just say "about time" and move on to their next project.

Finally asked for my opinion on the subject
I've seen an heard plenty lately on this topic, but those outside the organization that have been pushing the issue have never (so far as I've seen) bothered to ask anything of those that will be affected the most by any change in policy.  It is always about pushing their agenda onto others.  Since I'm not being asked for my opinion, and this is my blog, I'll give it freely:
On several levels I don't care what the BSA policy is on homosexuals.  I think that decision should be removed from the equation and left to the chartering organizations.  Scouting is, at best, one aspect of a young man's life.  Much of the moral "heavy-lifting" is done by the Scout's family, church, and community as a whole.  Leave that burden with them, where it really is anyway.  Gay Scouts have just as much to learn from the program as straight ones.  Gay Scouters have just as much to teach, and gay does not equal pedophile.  Beef up Scout protection and Child-Abuse awareness wherever it needs to be.......regardless of any decision made regarding homosexuality and Scouting.

I'm just as much affected by a gay Scout in Seattle as I am a straight one in Spokane....which is to say not at all.  I will say that I would support the program in whatever decision they make because I'm probably too much about following the rules than I'd like to admit, and because I trust that those in charge have much more information to work with and are working to make the best decision.

Either way, some people will be unhappy with the decision, but those that choose to volunteer will have to live with it.  I think asking those volunteers is a smart decision.

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