March 6, 2013

Must Have Breakfast Gadget (?)

Must Have Breakfast Gadget
OK, I realize that I don't need a breakfast sandwich maker, but after watching this quick promotional video, I want the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker.

My belly wants this sammich maker and it doesn't want to wait for it to get shipped.

What are the odds that my local Fred Meyer has one in stock?  I cannot be that lucky.  Nobody deserves to be that fortunate, yet here I am with my jacket on just waiting to finish this post so I can make a run down to the store to check.

I've made breakfast sandwiches before and they came out great, but it is a bit of a PITA to make just one or two sandwiches.  I have some metal biscuit cutters I keep just to make perfect round eggs for breakfast sandwiches, but they haven't left the drawer in far too long of a time.   A sandwich cooked in 5 minutes and not by me?  I can get dressed while my breakfast is being made.

Sign me up!

*I don't get anything for blogging about this awesome product, but I wish I did because I could have been cooking up a sammich as I typed this.  If Hamilton Beach wants to toss one my way I wouldn't complain!

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