March 28, 2013

Odd Twitter Debate About Gun Control

Odd Twitter Debate About Gun Control
I've been loosely following a little Twitter debate between Adam Baldwin () and Jim Carrey ( ).  Now, in the interest of fairness (in case you don't usually read my blog) I'm much more in agreement with Adam than Jim.

I've blogged about vaccinations before, and I've blogged about gun control a couple of times. In my opinion some of the biggest issues are that too many people are talking out their ass on the issue of gun control and realistically don't know what they are talking about.

Now, this really isn't a problem for Jim Carrey since he's actually made a living out of talking out his ass.  In watching the unfolding back-and-forth between Adam and Jim, I was introduced to a couple of videos, one from Jim and another from  Remy Munasifi.  I don't know Remy, but after seeing his video I'd like to subscribe to his newsletter.

Part of what amuses me most about this ongoing "exchange" is the fact that it is occurring on Twitter.
@adamsbaldwin and @JimCarrey

I don't know what you see when you compare these two actors, but what I see is one who actually uses Twitter to connect to people and another who simply uses it as a stage.  Seriously......only following one person? Why would anyone use Twitter to follow one person?!

I don't get it......but before I ramble on even more, here are the two videos.  You can pick which one you like the best.  I won't judge.....

Cold Dead Hand with Jim Carrey from Jim Carrey

Cold Dead Hand Available for Sale on iTunes!
Jim's Latest Attempt at Another 15'
Edit: I've noticed that Jim has his song available for sale on iTunes.  Since this is available for sale, with no mention of it being a fundraiser for some appropriate charity, it makes me question what is the true purpose of this "debate" and subsequent video & song.

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