March 27, 2013

TapIt Cap Kickstarter

TapIt Cap Kickstarter
TapIt Cap Logo
I know I've had my issues with Kickstarter in the past, and I won't pretend that the crowd-sourcing site doesn't have it's problems, but the cool thing about Kickstarter is simply the opportunity to get involved with cool projects.

I discovered the TapIt Cap by dumb luck while looking for this fancy-schmancy metal growler that was rather expensive.  If you added more than a few bucks to the already expensive metal growler you could get a pressurized growler which would keep your beer fresh longer.  It's a good idea, one that TapIt Cap was able to do without the expensive growler part.

There are just two weeks left on this Kickstarter, which is about 90% funded.  I don't have the excess cash to plop down for one of these, but I'll probably end up buying one when it becomes available commercially.

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