March 14, 2013

Want: GarBade (GameBoy Arcade)

Want: GarBade (GameBoy Arcade)
Now I like to play games......that is so not a secret.  I also like to build models...which I generally suck at.  Now I've pulled off some cool "builds" before...ok, at least one, but nothing on this scale.

The GarBade, which is short for GameBoy Arcade, is just ├╝bercool.  I want to make one of these someday just so I can have one.  I don't know what game arcade I'd emulate, but I think I'd try to use some more modern graphics to make it look like there was a stand-up arcade version of some of my popular Xbox games.  Now that I think of it, I think it would be cool to up-size this to a small cabinent with a full sized Xbox crammed in there. I think would be pretty cool and not a complete rip-off.

This build is documented decently on the site and there is a pretty good video to boot:

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