March 15, 2013

Wealth Distribution in the US

Wealth Distribution in the US
Mr. Moneybags is Property of  Hasbro
Now I'm not advocating any specific social changes or the re-distribution of wealth, just a clear picture of the "lay of the land" that might prove useful for this tough combination of economy, deficits, and sequestration.

I believe that part of our problem as a people is that we aren't really all on the same page when it comes to discussing important issues.  Whether it is same-sex-marriage, gun control, or taxation, the overwhelming majority of our population, (unfortunately) including our legislators, simply don't have a clue about the reality of the situation or even the basic terminology in some cases.

I'm hoping this video will help fill a few cluebags.  There are a list of references at the end.  Now I don't expect anyone to actually go through and try to type out the references from the video, so I've done you a solid and listed them as hotlinks.

Dan Ariely
I kept getting a 404 error from the last link, but the MotherJones article is well-referenced for further reading.

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