April 22, 2013

Free Preview Issue of Cuisine at Home Magazine

Free Preview Issue of Cuisine at Home Magazine
For Christmas this year I got a one year subscription to Cook's Illustrated, which I do enjoy reading.  I don't make the fancy-schmancy meals I find inside, but I do love the assorted cooking tips and there is a lot of good cooking information to be gleaned even from the recipes I'm not planning on using.

This weekend I was surprised to find a free review copy of Cuisine at Home in my mailbox.  My assumption was I got this because of the other cooking magazine.  I don't subscribe to magazines in general and the only ones we get are gifts from my In-laws, and a couple membership-type issues from the Boy Scouts, Toastmasters, and SHRM.

I must say I'm pretty impressed by Cuisine at Home.  Right off the bat I noticed the magazine was three-hole punched, which means they know I might want to actually keep it around for a while.  I wish more full-sized magazines made this assumption.

The issue is also full-color, which normally I wouldn't find a big deal, but since it deals with food/meals, it helps a lot.  Every recipe has a half or full page picture and there are great step photos as well.  They didn't actually include step-by-step photos and instead just hit the highlights, which are nice.

Exceptionally cool are the ancillary recipes for side dishes.  Not every "main" recipe has a side dish, but most do.  The others might have a variation on the dish or be filled with a sidebar on technique.

Overall I really like this free magazine, especially since the recipes & meals inside are things I can totally see myself making.  You can get your own free review copy here.

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