April 8, 2013


Peepoo, a single-use sanitizing fully biodegradable toilet
I'm not trying to be childish with this post, much less the title.  The Peepoo is a real problem solver designed to reduce diseases and convert waste to a usable product.  Designed by Peepoople, a Swedish company, this simple little product can be a life-saver in parts of the world that do not have adequate waste treatment facilities.

I actually wish this was available as a product here in the US.  Mark it up a couple hundred percent and use the profits to expand into the much-needed markets.  This would make a great item for survival kits, campers, disaster relief.....I know I'd keep a few around as part of a 72 hour survival kit.

I think the world needs more good ideas like this.

Peepoo Introduction from Peepoople on Vimeo.

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