May 20, 2013

Furniture Row EPIC FAIL: Flag Desecration

Furniture Row EPIC FAIL: Flag Desecration
Yesterday I happened to drive by the East side of the mall, something I don't do very often. Usually I'm driving to the mall or somewhere near the mall that requires me to pass by the West side, but today I took the seldom-used route that I avoid because of a couple of intersections near Furniture Row, a collection of four furniture stores under one roof.

As I'm driving by, passing underneath the overpass, my attention is drawn to a HUGE US flag being flown by Furniture row. It's a pretty big flag and unfortunately it catches my attention because it is in pretty poor shape. The flag appeared dirty and more than worn. Usually when I see a flag that sorely needs to be retired it has simply frayed at the end, a common cause for a flag's retirement. This flag was so much worse. It had two extremely large holes at the top end of the flag and it was dirty. This flag need to be replaced and it should not be flown in its current condition.
Picture Taken May 23rd, 2013

I realize that a lot of things can really piss me off, but flying a soiled and sundered flag is decently
high on that list. The fact that it is being used as a promotional tool for an upcoming sale is inexcusable.

I've written an email to the company through their customer website form, but I doubt it'll do any good. I need to figure out how to kick this up a notch.

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