May 4, 2013

Go See Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 Review
Carolyn took me to see Iron Man 3 this morning. We ended up seeing it in 3D, which is usually a no-no for me, but this time I didn't have a single issue. The 3D work was great and for the most part it just simply worked, sliding into the background so I could focus on the movie and not the effects. The only times it really hit me were on some of the close-up conversation bits where it became really obvious.

This movie didn't feel like the culmination of a 3-part series, but really the culmination of a beginning chapter for one character that took four movies to tell.

I really liked this movie and expect it to do well because everything comes together so nicely, and there were enough surprises for me to enjoy the film. I don't like completely formulaic films and there was really only one thing I completely expected to happen which did happen, but that was telegraphed enough that it didn't feel like a ruined surprise, just part of a scene which worked out the most likely way.

Obviously I'm trying to avoid any spoilers, so you won't get any real ones here. There were two things I really noted about the film, with one being a cool that-never-happens kind of thing and the other a WTF moment:

  • In one scene a bad guy basically does the, "screw this, I'm out of here" bit and leaves. All too often we see the army of bad guys, most likely mercenaries of some sort, fight to the death when they are so far over their head. I wouldn't expect everyone to have such a fatalistic drive for the cause as the main villain, but 99.999999999% sure seem to.
  • We watched the credits because you know there would be a scene at the end of them. As we watched the credits roll by I noticed that Don Cheadle didn't have a stylist or make-up assistant like everyone else. Instead he had a "groomer". That struck me as odd and archaic. Did this guy (I don't remember the name) actually "groom" Mr. Cheadle like he was an animal of some sort, or was he a manservant like the gentry of old had. Just seemed really weird.
Iron Man 3 Gets 2 Thumbs Up From MeIn short: awesome move, you need to go see it.

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