May 25, 2013

Major Munchkin Reporting for Duty at Monsters University

Major Munchkin Reporting for Duty at Monsters University
A couple years ago at GenCon I was helping out at the KenzerCo Booth  tearing it down after the show was over. Across the way the guys from Steve Jackson Games were tearing down their booth and they hadn't put away the Munchkin costume yet. A good buddy of mine is one of the Men In Black and demos a lot of Munchking(he actually introduced us to the game). I so wanted to have a picture of me wearing the Munchkin head.

I was warned, several times in fact, that the inside of the head would be quite nasty because it hadn't been cleaned, but I just had to do it.

Fast-forward a couple of years and I'm looking for a picture to use to make a "fake" ID card. The new Monsters University movie comes out in a couple of weeks and the advertising is up in the theaters. One thing they had was this big blank Monsters University ID card on the window. The idea was you could stand behind it and get your photo taken, but the placement of the window sticker was such that you couldn't actually get a picture taken.

Monsters University Faculty ID Card
Something tells me he is a PE Teacher
I thought it was a funny idea and assumed there would have to be something online to do the same Monsters University ID maker. It is a simple website and it took me a while of tweaking the Munchkin head photo to make it work, but it came out the way I envisioned it.
thing. Sure enough, they have a

Now to just get it printed and laminated.

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