May 13, 2013

Not Feeling So Well

Not Feeling So Well
It is finals week and I still have two tests and a project to finish up by this Friday. I was all set to get the one take-home test and my project done this weekend, specifically Sunday, when I had an almost literal kick in the teeth.

A toothache started up Friday and was pretty benign until Sunday. Since I had stayed up until 3 AM on Thursday and got up at 7 on Friday I just assumed I did something stupid like sleep on my face. I tend to get really loopy when I'm sleep deprived and dumber things have happened. My lip was swollen just a tad so it made sense and I assumed hoped it'd just go away....

.....but it didn't. Yesterday I was a near vegetable just trying to keep from extracting the painful tooth on my own. Carolyn was at work and I wasn't willing to go to an emergency dentist. All I wanted to do is suffer as little as possible until I could see my dentist. A few drinks in me combined with as-close-to Ranger Candy as possible only went so far. Soaking a cotton ball in vodka and sticking it in like a wad of chew helped a bit more. Only when Carolyn came home with some Oral Gel did things ease up enough so I could sleep.

There was no way I was good enough to work on my test or school project. To put things in perspective, I had the TV on yesterday showing my Xbox Live home screen....for 9 hours. I didn't flip it over to Netflix or play a game until after 10 PM when I was finally a bit on the buzzed side.

I'm sure I was a joy to listen to when calling home for Mother's Day.

We were at the dentist office just after they opened at 7 AM. I have an infection all right, but they want me to see someone who specializes in dealing with root canals. My appointment is at 3:30 PM today. Ugh.

At least I got a script for some antibiotics and pain meds. The bad part then was my pharmacist doesn't open up until 9 AM and while I know we have a 24 hr pharmacy or two in town, I have no idea where it is at. We'd probably spend just as much time driving to it and back as we would just waiting for the local pharmacy to open. Carolyn and I got to go out and eat breakfast together, which was a nice (albeit painful) treat.

It took far too long, but at least I'm safe at home in the process of being doped up. At this point I'm just waiting for the "good stuff" to kick in and hope it doesn't turn me into a zombie like it did last time. I had oxycontin last time and made sure the dentist new about my reaction, so this stuff is dialed back a notch.

If I'm lucky the drugs and the next dentist visit will do the trick and I can get back to my school work and real blog posts.

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