June 16, 2013

Cheerios FTW!

Not too long ago General Mills got blasted for having a Cheerios commercial that featured an interracial couple and a "mixed" child.

Evidently it was a sign of the apocalypse or something, but for some reason the four horsemen didn't get the fricken memo.

Of course it just could be that maybe the Cheerios commercial was innocently portraying an actual segment of their target audience and there are just too many haters in the US. After hearing about (and seeing) some of the bile hurled towards the little girl in the ad, I'm inclined to think this is just made up drama and not the end of days.

I'm not a religious nut-job fanatic or actual religious leader, so please don't take my word for it either way. The best I can do is point out the simpler of the two possible extremes and posit that is the more likely scenario.

I can also point out the "offending" ad in question and a social-commentary follow-up that made me laugh. If there is anything I could use from this event it would be a laugh.

The original video:

....and For The Win:

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