July 7, 2013

Brief The Walking Dead: 400 Days Review

Brief The Walking Dead: 400 Days Review
I just got done playing The Walking Dead: 400 Days. It is a rather short DLC and while I was playing it I kept thinking to myself, "How is this supossed to tide me over to the next part of the game?"

The portions of the DLC seem rather disjointed and aside from taking place around a central location I felt a bit lost. Starting off that feeling was simply trying to figure out how to start the game.

You have to select one of your game save, or start a new game, and forward through the episodes (RB on the Xbox 360) to the end where the DLC shows up as the last episode. What I did not know was that if you haven't played the game's previous episodes already you can "skip ahead" to this DLC and the game makes earlier decisions for you.

The beginning of this DLC is pretty cool. A quick visual intro and you begin standing before a large bulletin board filled with pictures of missing loved ones. It looks like the numerous spontaneous displays that pop up after a tragedy and the effect was quite chilling, at least for me. The scraps of paper and photos sway in the breeze.

You can do any of the five brief missions in any order you want. None of them seem particularly difficult and they shouldn't be. The whole point is simply to set things up for the starting group in the next "season" of the game.

While I initially felt a bit lost, there was an interesting bit at the end that really did a good job of wrapping up the individual stories and setting things up for the next season. I found it quite amusing
Good game, makes me want more
that all of the decisions I made in this DLC had me siding with 50% of the other players.

Overall I really liked this DLC, but I wish it had come out much closer to the beginning of the next The Walking Dead.

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