February 13, 2015

51,820 New Eagle Scouts Last Year

51,820 New Eagle Scouts Last Year

Just saw some stats from a Boy Scout blog about the numbers concerning the new Eagle Scouts of 2014.

Two really loomed large for me:
51,820 New Eagle Scouts
17.31 Average Age of new Eagle Scouts

When you factor in that so few Scouts actually make it to Eagle, these numbers really hit home. I love the average age because that means, at least to me, at there are so many Eagles being good role models for the younger troops. I've seen Scouts whip through the ranks to get it "done" as quickly as possible so they can go off and do other things and I'm sorry, but the path to Eagle really is more of a journey than a destination. If it wasn't then I'd truly feel sorry for all the Scout who don't make it, as if they got nothing out of their experience.

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