February 28, 2015

A Leonard Nemoy Memorial Post I Just Don't Get

A Leonard Nemoy Memorial Post I Just Don't Get
I've been on Facebook more and more lately...and I usually find it hilarious. At first it was just a way to keep tabs on some of my old classmates, but as these things do my Friends list gets bigger and bigger. I'm probably not as keen as I should be about paring down that list, but sometimes a Friend literally asks for it.

Facebook is, of course, inundated with fans grieving over the loss of Leonard Nimoy. As par for the course I've seen a wide variety of memorials (even though I like Blogography's the best, even though it isn't on Facebook). One of my Friends posted a picture of four larger ladies.....naked, as part of wherever he was going with it.

Now I'm not used to seeing nudity at all in my Facebook feed. I don't have an issue with nudity and aside from some usually-false modesty, I don't give a rat's ass. I did, however, question this post with a simple "WTF" and I did follow up with the simple statement that I'm "not used to seeing nudity of any kind in my Facebook feed."

Of course my Friend simply replied that he didn't need to be in my feed. OK, simple fix there.

Since I made that post I still get notifications when others post and I've already started seeing a defense of the female form, regardless of size. I find this hilarious....because I pretty much don't care. It wasn't like I was offended by the fact that they were larger women. Hell, I'm still scratching my head at why or how this has ANYTHING to do with Leonard Nemoy. Now to be fair I did actually click on the post, thinking maybe my clue-bucket would get filled, but all I got was an additional photo of these women.....I have to assume it was the same four women, but I honestly cannot remember.

Of course this was on my iPad and I've been noticing that it screws up way too frequently when trying to show me content that isn't just the truncated Facebook post.

This'll probably be a mystery for a while...but seriously, WTF do these women have to do with Leonard Nemoy? I think I liked it better when people express their grief subtly and/or privately, but I won't begrudge those that do otherwise....unless I just don't get it.

2015.02.28 EDIT: Ok, I was able to find out a little bit more about the "original" post on FB though another, much better post (of course it helped I wasn't using the mobile FB app) about this article of 20 Cool Things Nimoy Did Other Than Star Trek

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