June 21, 2015

A Song from my Childhood

A Song from my Childhood
I really haven't been posting here, instead spending all of my efforts on one of my other blogs. Right now I post to or administer 5 different blogs, soon to add another one or two, but in reality I have two blogs.

I've been thinking of what to do with Not So Random Musings because I don't want to just post drivel and...I'm man enough to admit this....I do that way too often.

After reading a buddy's initial blog efforts I realized what type of post excites me some and might actually be worthwhile: real-life stories. If my 12 readers here we at my home socializing with me & the Mrs. undoubtedly I'd be regaling them with stories from my past (of course I'd be "regaling" them....odds are I'd have had a few...)

Carolyn and I aren't planning on having children and there is no way I would be able to pass along all these interesting tidbits (well....I am biased on these stories, so please just roll with it) and stories.

Since today is Father's Day I think it would appropriate to reminisce a bit about the Old Man. Now I do plan on telling actual stories, but I'm not exactly going to be starting here.....

My actual earliest memories I have are about my father. I think this is when he lived in Odessa, Washington. I have no idea why he lived there, but I have to presume it was to be within a day's drive (a painful day's drive at that) of where my brother and I lived, which I believe was Gillete, Wyoming with my mother and step-father.

Of course my memories from that time are a bit muddled, but aside from barely remembering a time he took us fishing with switch-cut poles, I remember him driving us around in his Scout (80?) truck singing songs. The windows would be down and he'd bang on the outside of the car door and sing us some rather stupid songs. Yep, my earliest memories were of bouncing down along some country road not listening to the radio, but listening to a variety of songs. I only remember two distinctly, but something tells me he used to sing all of the old camp songs from Camp Wapello, where he'd been a counselor maybe a decade prior.

Not on the the "approved" Wapello song list (I would have to assume) was one song I remember,

The Little Brown Mouse:
The liquor was spilt on the bar-room floor,
the bar was closed for the night....
When out of his hole came the little brown mouse
and sat in the pale moonlight.

Well he licked up the liqour off the bar-room floor,
and back on his haunches he sat....
And all night long you could here him cry......

Here is a way-too-fast version being sung in some "historical" music collection. This one is a little slower (and better, with a third verse)...

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masodo said...

Ha-ha very good :D glad to know you ave not abandoned ship. Cheers! Now then... bring bring on that cat!