July 10, 2015

You Can't Fix Stupid

You Can't Fix Stupid
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Today I've had more than my fair share of stupid and it all piled on in a matter of about 5 minutes.

I stopped by the local Jacksons for a soda and as I was walking up to the counter I overheard a customer complaining to the Manager that there was a guy outside who wouldn't stop smoking. I look up and a fricken Jacksons' employee is standing between two pumps smoking.....seriously? The Manager gets on the outside speaker and tells him to stop smoking. Of course this dimwit just waves her off instead of....I don't know....doing what you boss, I'm sure company policy, and common sense says you should (or in this case shouldn't do).

Wow...all kinds of stupid there.

Of course he eventually puts out the cigarette, when he's basically finished, and comes into the store. The Manager wishes me a good afternoon and all I could say was, "I'd wish you the same, but I think its too late." I get in my car and pick up my phone thinking I'd call my Manager friend that works for Jacksons. As soon as I unlock my phone I get a notification that I got a review on something I wrote and put up on DriveThruRPG.

Since an actual review is a once-in-a-blue moon thing for me I followed the link and read this wonderful 4 out of 5 stars review. I've just cut and pasted so any errors are not mine:
"Enjoy the ease of using this product, ecepecially when you're trying to create a load of npcs. The only problem that I have is that I have had to modify it because I can't find a d30 anywhere around."

I wonder what die type this uses?
Don't like the layout or my font choice....I get it....but having a problem that it is a d30 table? This is the cover graphic for the download, showing the title. The product description mentions the d30 four fricken times.

I just don't get people....why would you even download a free d30 table if you didn't have a d30? If you thought maybe you could tweak it for use with another die, great....but don't consider it a problem after you've downloaded it.

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