June 18, 2007

Problems with Blogger

For some reason this blog will not allow readers to post comments. I have absolutely no clue why. It's set-up properly...heck, if you scan down the page some you can see that earlier posts have the comment section available.

I'll get it fixed....as soon as I know the why and how. If anyone knows what to do, please do not hesitate to contact me and tell me what's up. Since I don't wish to post my email, please feel free to head over to my other blog and leave me a comment there.....it works there, even though I'm using the EXACT SAME TEMPLATE!

EDIT: Well that problem was solved. I have no idea why, but the overall blog settings are not comeing through correctly on this one issue. When I compose the post though I can open up the options and choose to allow comments....or basically "switch on" the comment bit that should already be working. I guess I can just take and make sure each post is individually set if this setting is being over-ridden on a new posts....

Oh....I really need to post another link and a pic of something worthwhile......givent he cost. The folks at Kenzer & Company have made a change or two and have released the Player Character Record Book as a PDF! Unfortunately it's not a form-fillable book, but it's only $4......I'll buy one and buy it again if they get it form-fillable.


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