September 23, 2007

Milla Jovovich Movie Weekend

Carolyn and I went out yesterday to see Resident Evil: Extinction, and later that night saw Ultraviolet.

Extinction was OK. I think they did a decent enough job keeping to the general feel of the Resident Evil franchise, but there was an unneeded addition and a gap or two that wasn't taken care of. Did they really need to make Alice a freakin psionicist? The fact that her physical abilities were augmented were good enough. They mentioned that her mental abilities were to, but the crap she manages to pull off in RE:E was just a bit too much. I don't want to give any of the movie away, so I won't go into specifics. Also the part where some people get away in a helicopter doesn't sit well with me. We know that they were reasonably close to Las Vegas...eve if we want to be so generous and say they were in Seattle when they took off, there is no way in hell they are getting to Alaska. The maximum operating range for most helicopters is 500 odd miles, and that's for the big helicopters with big fuel tanks. This was a small helicopter which was most likely not refueled. The distance (as the crow flies) between...let's say Seattle and Juneau is 889 miles.

If they bothered to mention that they had some sort of plan to pick up fuel at such-and-such place I could at least just shrug it off. Overloading a small helicopter and expecting to fly several thousand miles....nope, just a bit much.

Speaking of just a bit much, I made the mistake of purchasing Ultraviolet last week at Fred Meyer. It was half off, which meant I spent 50% too much. The story jumped around too much and it was kind of like an anime film where they expect you to suspend all disbelief and take for granted you don't know the background of the story you're being told. Problem is that they went to great lengths to set up the story. So instead of learning about the environment as we go along, the audience is left to wonder "huh?". This movie sucked......if you need to kill some time, you are more than welcome to my copy...I'll never see it again.

The acting wasn't all that bad. I highly suspect that the script blew chunks and the editing also to blame for the overall level of suckitude. After watching the movie I went back and played select scenes while listening to Milla's bonus commentary. She didn't say it outright, but it seemed she didn't care for the movie either.

I've generally liked her Sci-Fi movies.....can't think of any so bad as Ultraviolet.

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