September 25, 2007


For a couple of years now I've been using TableSmith, an awesome random table generator program. I've made LOTS of HackMaster tables for use with TableSmith. When I was *ahem* between jobs several years ago I sat down and typed out all of the GMG magic item tables and incorporated everything from the modules I had, HackJournal, and KoDT.

TableSmith is pretty easy to use and the tables themselves are basically just plain text files. You can use a simple text editor like Notepad to bang them out and either cut and paste the info into TableSmith (there's a quick & easy option for creating tables from within the program). The help files within the program pretty much give you all the info you need to work on simple-complex tables.

Since I've been a bit on the lax side with posting here I thought I could help motivate people to use TableSmith by posting some tables here. [EDIT] I can't post them here because the formatting and HTML mark-ups don't survive the transition to the blog and back again, but I found a work-around by posting to Google Documents[/EDIT]

This first table is for randomly selecting the spells for a Chosen One in HackMaster. There are some parameters to select what the PC's level and Charisma is/are. Change those parameters and that's more having to pour over the Zealot's Guide and roll up spells or waste more time hand-picking.

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