September 25, 2007


We saw Reaper tonight on the new CW station. Pretty funny. I knew a few minutes into the show that I was gonna love it. The characters are very likable and the premise is pretty least it's new and fresh to me.

What I think I like the best is that the main character is a bit of a slacker, but nothing compared to his best friend. He's a slacker, but not really. He is willing to work with the Devil because a) his mom's soul is at stake and b) it's actually "good" work. He sees the importance of what he's being forced to do and it's not really that bad of a deal for him.

A couple hours later I don't remember the character's names.....ok the main dude is Sam. His even bigger slacker buddy is awesome in the fact that he's a loser, knows it, and frankly doesn't give a damn. Even though his buddy is facing a life & death surreal experience, he's at his side. No ulterior motive...heck no other motive than the fact that his buddy needs him. That was pretty cool.

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