June 19, 2009

Origins 2009 Here We Come

PrincessNoin and I are starting our annual pilgrimage to Columbus OH for the Origins game fair. We'll be flying into Chicago so we can spend two days visiting my mother in Iowa. On my birthday (6/22) we'll travel from Manchester, IA to Waukeegan, IL to stop by the KenzerCo offices and check out the new, fresh-off-the-presses version of HackMaster Basic!

I'll be posting pics and video of the trip after we get back, but I'll probably do a few updates as we go along. I like to try and type stuff up enroute and then post it once I'm comfortably home.

In other words...stay tuned!

*BTW, for security purposes, if you're dumb enough to try to stop by my home while we're gone, be prepared to say hello to one of my gaming buddies watching the place.....and he knows where I keep my guns.

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