May 17, 2010

Boise State University

I have decided to go back to BSU to work on a second degree in Human Resources Management.  It is a new degree offered by BSU and with a little hard work I can get everything done during the 2010 calendar year.

I need a total of 30 credits and they are trying to make me retake one course, which I'll be fighting....seriously though, they let me graduate last time and now my grade isn't good enough?  I don't think so.

Speaking of grades, I managed to make the Dean's High Honors list with a 3.75 semester GPA.  I ended up getting a B, 2 A's and 2 A+'s.  I had never gotten an A+ before, and now I get two in a semester, and they were for a 300 and a 400 level course.  Sweet.

Anyway, I'm taking two summer courses and each course is an eight week long internet course.  The first class is supposed to start today, but I can't get onto the course site on Blackboard.  The professor sent me a "welcome" email yesterday an noted that the site would be up yesterday.  Today when I couldn't get on (I can get on Blackboard, just the course isn't listed) I sent him a response to his email (truncating most of his email, but clearly listing the class information) and he promptly responded with a notification that class started June 7th.

HELLO......the class starts today, just like his welcome email stated.  June 7th is the last day to drop the course.  I went ahead and logged onto BroncoWeb and printed off my class registration to a PDF.  Then I went ahead and printed off the important summer dates to a PDF and appended that.  So I sent off to my professor proof that I'm registered, a clear listing of this class dates and the fact that it was for the 1st 8 weeks session, and a listing of the start dates for all 1st 8 week sessions.

Fast forward a couple of hours and I get a response listing all of the professor's summer classes and a request to tell him which class I'm registered in.

SERIOUSLY?  I initially responded to your welcome to class "X", responded later with a copy of my actual registration for class "X", said in both emails that my class starts today, and he wants me to go through his 4 or 5 courses for the summer and tell him I'm registered for the only class he has this session, much less the only class that starts today.

I of course responded that I was taking class "X".....the only class he is teaching NOW and the only class "X" he is teaching all summer.

I have yet to get a response and I still can't access the site.

Summer school is going to be such a *&^$@ blast!

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