June 9, 2011

Change of Gears

I cannot find the "final" journal entry for Hildigrim.  I was absent for a session which was our last for a while as the group rotated out GMs.  We rolled up new PCs and I ended up with the best set of stats I think I've ever rolled with a straight 3d6.  My lowest roll was a 8.  The rest were a 12, two 14s, two 16s, and an 18!  The GM had us roll the 3d6 online and if it wasn't witnessed by the entire group I wouldn't have believed it myself.

What to do...what to do?  When you have a normal set of stats, you usually have an obvious path laid out in front of you.  You let the dice tell you what to do.  With the awesome stats I had I could have done anything.....I could have started down the path to creating a Paladin!

The last group was rather fighter-light so I decided to come up with a fighter.  That 18 was in Looks and the 12 was in Wisdom, so I needed to do a swap.  After that I just needed a concept......I've already done the Dwarven Battleaxe specialist.  I considered a Human specialized in the Two-Handed Sword, but I wanted a PC with a better defense.  In the end I decided to try my hand at a fighter who would be good at taking out enemy shields.  That narrowed things down for me......I just needed to figure out what is best for bashing shields.  I found the answer in a HackJournal.  The Greater Warhammer does d8p+d10p of crushing damage.  That d10p will go a long way towards overcoming the defensive value of a medium shield (on a shield hit, the larger of the two damage dice is used if they aren't equal, and the medium shield has to start saving when 12 points damage have been done).

This guy is going to be good.....

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