June 9, 2011

From the memoirs of Hildigrim Thorngage:

The battle that ensued was a tough one. The clerics formed up a line before the abomination, presumably to protect it. Pally, Mindro, and I launched our sling stones while Grymm hurled his axe. Alanara fired off bow shots while Flynn moved in to engage. Two clerics were taken out of the battle relatively quickly and the third ran off. Grymm tried to follow the third cleric, with Alanara’s help, but the robed man got away. The undead beast engaged Flynn and it seemed to be a stand-off. Pally and I moved up to help, while Mindro tried to get around the foul creature. Flynn was grabbed by the beast and struggled to break its grip while it took a small bite out of his hide. We all flailed at the creature for some time until we finally felled it.

Once the battle was over we bound the two clerics that were incapacitated earlier. Grymm wanted to interrogate and then kill them both, but I argued that it was not our place to extract any semblance of justice on these individuals. A quick rifle through the bodies revealed that the beast was actually a zombie and the clerics were anything but. Their holy symbols seemed to be cheap copies of consecrated symbols, which led me to believe they were, at best, anointed followers of Rawen…probably better known as Blonlen in these lands.

Grymm got some information about the cult, but he promised to murder the prisoner in exchange for the information. That was something I could not allow. These men were evil and needed to be punished, but not by us. For all we knew, these men could be the key that helps the villagers get their missing people back. I argued with Grymm and made it extremely clear that I would not see to his wounds in the future if he butchered unarmed, bound, and otherwise helpless individuals. I didn’t like having to make such an ultimatum, but it was the only way I could see Grymm not butchering the helpless men. Much to my surprise, Grymm accepted what I said with little comment, but he then simply cut the binds on the man he was interrogating and handed him a weapon. I was immediately set upon by the Harvester and it was all I could do to defend myself. Luckily my staff is hard to stow and often used as a walking stick. I parried for a brief moment before Grymm cut him down from behind. He landed a terrible blow that spilt the man’s skull open like a ripe piece of fruit. Gore flew everywhere and once again Grymm succumbed to the blood lust that we’ve seen him exhibit twice already.

The party wisely fled from the deranged Grymm, but I was not willing to join them. As I feared, Grymm set upon the remaining bound and helpless Harvester and I could not sit idly by or worse yet, run in fear for my own safety. I tried to defend the helpless man, but Grymm was far too quick and cut the man down where he sat. Of course I was not to go unrewarded for my efforts as Grymm then turned to me still enraged. I was able to block his first blow and was trying to subdue him to no avail when the rest of the party saw my plight and came to my rescue. Pally and Alanara were able to stop Grymm’s bloodlust, but at a heavy price. Grymm was dead, and at the hands of those he might have considered “friends”.

There wasn’t much we could do, the damage had been done. We cremated the bodies of the zombie and the Harvester followers lest they be revivified into unholy abominations. There was talk of burying Grymm, but I felt it best that we take him as close to the village as we dare and let the cleric of his own faith make the necessary preparations. We got Grymm’s mortal coil to the village and I gave his cleric a full briefing. It would have been nice to leave out some of the details, but I felt his clergy should know so the appropriate prayers could be said to reach Zaldi’s ears. My fellow Traveller had returned to the village and after the burial we spoke briefly. He had gone to Prompeldia seeking aid for the village, but none was forthcoming. I had some ideas and sought a more secluded introduction with some of the townsfolk so that we may work to take care of the village’s problem on our own.

Grymm’s death weighs heavy on my mind and even now thinking about it is rough. I will continue this telling when I have had some time to meditate and pray for Grymm’s soul as he is undergoing the next journey….

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