June 9, 2011

An excerpt from Balen's missives home (translated from Dwarven):

Mother & Father,

Working for Master Gorum is going well. He treats his employees well and I am not singled out for any reason. We will be breaking off from the main caravan to escort a wagon to a side-market en-route to our final destination. I have been assigned guard duty with a couple humans, an elf, and a damned half-hobgoblin! They seem to take their job seriously and have not done anything to dishonor themselves in this profession, so I am wiling to overlook their obvious deficiencies. I have been slightly disappointed recently in that they were willing to take some risk with our cargo, but only time and Master Gorum will tell if it was an acceptable risk.

Master Brim, one of The People, but I know not what clan, is the wagon-master for our side trip. He either gave the guards the authority or simply relayed from Master Gorum that we had the decision power to make "adjustments" to our journey. We came across what appeared to be an ambush that claimed the live of a human male. A woman claiming to be his sister was still alive and pleaded to tag along with our wagon, and to have us transport her dead kinsmen! I would not have allowed such a risky deviation from our assigned goal, but the rest of the group outvoted me. The female then tried to bribe me with coin to change my mind! I did not take her money, but Master Gorum may wish compensation for this increased risk. Something did not add up to me because the ambush was hard to read, a little premature for my taste, and the human's ruined wagon was far too easy for me to move off the trail. I implored Master Brim to keep an eye on the humans because I didn't trust them.

We did run into some difficulty later along the trail, but obviously it wasn't too bad since I was able to send off this message. It is time for my turn on the watch so I must end this letter now. If I hear of word about Bolburd or Meika I will make sure to pass it along.

May the Ancestors watch over you,

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