June 9, 2011

An excerpt from Balen's missives home (translated from Dwarven):

Mother & Father,

I realize this is a short letter, but it is as much as I can manage for now. Please accept my apologies for implying everything went well in my first battle as guardsman for Master Gorum, but that is not the case. I am well, but poor Master Brim was mortally wounded.

We knew that there was an ambush ahead on the trail. I felt that the earlier ambush we had seen wasn't what it appeared to be and although I had specifically warned Master Brim that I didn't trust the female. I don't know if her scream was a signal to set the trap or some odd way of distracting Master Brim and the Human Truthseeker, but while our guards were getting ready to counter-attack the ambushers she managed to get the drop on Master Brim with a well-placed dagger to the side of his neck.

I was too far away to do anything but attack the nearest bandits to my position. I charged the first and took the fight right out of him with a single blow. The second bandit and I traded blows, but he didn't get past my shield and I eventually landed another solid blow that about knocked him out. While I finished the duo, our Ranger was able to dispatch the wench. The Elf and the Hobbo dealt with more brigands around the bend in the trail. They managed to take some prisoners. I rushed to Master Brim's side when I could, but it was too late. I'm not ashamed to say that I was furious. I kicked the dead body of the human male off of the back of the cart then set upon the unconscious female. After I gagged her so she couldn't call out for help I removed her dagger from Master Brim's neck and used it to cut off all her hair. Since human females don't have beards this is the best I could do to shame her. I was sorely tempted to just slit her throat, but that would not be justice. We may be in a lawless land, but there are still some rules to be followed.

I hope that the Truthseeker can administer that justice as swiftly as possible so Master Brim's soul can be laid to rest along with his body. I don't know if he has any kin we need to notify, but I assume that Master Gorum will see to those details. 

May the Ancestors watch over you,

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