August 30, 2011

Irresponsible Pet Owners

When taking Tessa, my Black Lab/Pointer (?) mix, to the park we were practically accosted by another dog.  I'd seen this dog a couple of times before.  I believe it normally resides a couple of neighborhoods away.

The dog is friendly enough, but won't let anyone come within touching distance.  The dog is a "natural" male pitbull.  Boise requires an annual $45 pet license for un-neutered males, and this pooch isn't wearing any tags.....I have to assume that this is an unregistered dog.

While I'm trying to play fetch with Tessa, this dog alternates from chasing Tessa down and marking every tree in the park.  When he finishes with the trees he starts marking the fences of those houses that have dogs.  For a dog that seems friendly, he is acting a bit aggressive.  Hell, he doesn't even live here!

I've called animal control before about this dog, but unless the animal is currently secured, they aren't going to dispatch anyone.

So basically my options are to try to get a hold of this dog, or let it run free and hope it doesn't get hit by a car.  Maybe since it's owners don't give a rats' ass about their dog, maybe I shouldn't either?

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