September 16, 2011

GM Resources

It is one thing to have an idea.  As GMs, and even players, we get ideas all the time.  Personally I keep a little notebook, which I am always losing, where I can jot down some ideas.  I'll be sharing some of those game-related ideas here since I'm not doing much in the way of character journals.

Putting ideas into practical use is a whole different story.  Some of my ideas have seen the light of day, more have been started then pushed aside, and some have required parts and pieces obtained, but haven't actually been used.  Of course most never leave the notebook.

When other GMs get good ideas and put them into use, I am awed.  Not always, because let's face it, some ideas (or just execution) suck.  Most, however, do not.

I've always like geomorphs. The idea is just a fun one for me, but I cannot get motivated enough to actually put some together, which is why I like this blog.  Great job.

The geomorphs are cool enough, but what really took things up a huge notch for me was this idea.  Seriously, it is so cool I don't want to spoil the surprise.  You need to stumble upon the coolness all on your own.

If you just need to generate a quick geomorph map and don't want to download all of the individual geomorphs, you can use a web-based program called Dave's Mapper.

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