October 24, 2011


Everything is slowly getting used to the new pet dynamic that was brought into being when we adopted Polly.  There is still much hissing going on, but everyday it lessens.  Our other indoor cat, Krystal Meth (believe me, it was an appropriate name when we got her) for the most part could care less.  Our dog Tessa occasionally tries to play with Polly, but few cats would want to have anything to do with a big dumb dog.

Having Polly has been interesting.  She is very talkative and inquisitive.  More so than other cats we've had.  Polly likes to jump up on everything just to check it out.  Catching her in the act of jumping up on the kitchen counter is near impossible.  I'd only know she's doing it because she isn't so graceful jumping down as she is up.  At night she loves to rub against your face as you try to sleep and she loves to get in under the covers.  Our only saving grace so far has been Krystal.  Polly won't jump on the bed if Krystal is already there.  They have been switching off roughly every other night so I get a good night's sleep 50% of the time.

In reading up on Tortoiseshell cats I've found that they are almost always female, just like any other calico, but 1 in 3,000 males might have that coloration due to having a XXY genetic anomaly.  Evidently the coloring is tied to that same chromosome as sex is.  Evidently it is somewhat common for these Tortoiseshells to have a bit of an attitude.  They tend to be independent (even for cats), feisty, and   unpredictable.  Some have gone so far as to describe this particular mix of personalty traits "Tortitude".

Oh yes...Polly is full of Tortitude.

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