January 3, 2012

Mobile Blogging

I've just downloaded the mobile app for Blogger.  No way I'm hammering out a long post on my phone, but it might be worthwhile for those WTF moments.

I'll probably clean this up on the laptop when I get home because I have a specific layout I like, which the mobile app doesn't accommodate.  The app also supports labels, but doesn't import your label list.

OK, enough about the Blogger app....WTF is up with the line of Twilight hair care appliances?  Is this something Best Buy needs to not only devote shelf space to, but have a whole extra store shipper display of?  I was at Best Buy to purchase a powered USB hub, not a hair straighter.  Does anyone go to Best Buy for a blow dryer or curling iron?

Do they.....really?  I thought it was important for retailers to know their customers.

Edit: The Blogger mobile app uploads small pics and not very well.  The picture on the right is at full-size, but the app flip it sideways and added this awful crosshatch pattern.  Kind of crappy.  The pic is pretty much "meh", but at least the price is right at free.

Here is a better pic (actually same pic, just emailed to myself and cropped):

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