February 2, 2012

More HiMYM Goodness...

I know I've already blogged about how me & the Mrs. have been watching How I Met Your Mother, but tonight we came across something totally worth my new awesome sauce pic.

Whenever I hear about a "mythical" web address used in the media, I try to go straight to my computer and punch it in to see what pops up.  In the Season 3 Episode 14 "The Bracket", one of Barney's conquests mentioned she put up a website informing the world how big of a d-bag.

The thing is, Barney was pretending to be Ted, so the website is www.tedmosbyisajerk.com ....and the website is real!

It's a great site.  They have cover pictures for the fake pornos that someone who also used Ted's name in the series.

They also posted the form morning-after letter that Barney/Ted left:

This kind of thing just makes my day.

The last time this happened it was www.youbothsuck.com, which used to be a real website that was referenced in a Bowling For Soup song (The Luckiest Loser).

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