February 3, 2012

Stupid Drinking Game (Not for the Squeamish)

Thankfully my "chest" part of my chest cold is gone, but now I'm suffering from a particularly nasty bout of congestion which makes my face all puffy and a bit runny.

The great OTC meds do help, but they don't exactly leave you mentally sharp, which is fine when you just watch TV or even play a little Xbox, but if you want to do any actual work, like some pet projects or html writing....or actually looking for work, you have to lay off the decongestants.

I'm staring at my next dose now......which I can take since I've got that job application off already.

In between sessions of How I Met Your Mother and chatting with friends on JustinTV, I've been doing what I normally do when dinking around.....surf the web.  Some link-hopping got me to the kind of crappy website for a bar in Dawson City, Canada.

The Sourtoe Cocktail Club is a bar in the Downtown Hotel that gets its name from their signature drink: a drink served with a choice of preserved human toe.

Bottom's Up!
Their signature drink was specifically champagne served in a beer mug which also contained the toe. They've since expanded to any drink with a choice of toe.  They kind of had to since the first toe was lost when some dude accidentally swallowed it.  I almost threw up in my mouth a little when typing that.....damned vivid imagination!

In order to be part of the "cool kids" you have to drink the Sourtoe Cocktail and the toe must touch your lips.

Thankfully Dawson City is at least a 10 hour drive from my buddy in Fairbanks and I don't have a current passport, so my lips should be safe for a while.

Doesn't this place seem like the setting for potentially the weirdest zombie flick ever?  Instead of "braiiiins" the deadheads can shuffle around looking for lost toes.....

....and that would be the decongestant kicking in.

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