March 25, 2012


For a while I was using an online "app" to keep track of my fuel mileage.  Actually, I intend on continuing to use the app, I just need to update the log with several months of records I've been keeping on my cell phone.

Fuelly is designed to help you keep track of your gas mileage, but it also lets you compare that mileage with other users.  The idea is to help you work towards better fuel efficiency.

I noticed that I was a bit on the low end for gas mileage, but I tend to drive Maggie only in the city on short trips which cuts that down a lot.  According to my notes, the gas mileage has gone up some when I changed out all of my filters.  I'm hoping it'll go up some more when I change out the hoses and belts as well as get a good tune-up.

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