March 24, 2012

Gary Con Weekend

This weekend is the 3rd Annual Gary Con in Lake Geneva, WI.  Carolyn and I wanted to go, but my financial situation precluded us from that event.

Too bad, because it seems like so many of our friends at KenzerCo are there in force.  An opportunity to game and celebrate the life of Gary Gygax.

Gary's work has really influenced my life.  I won't go into my gaming history, because I've done that already.  Most of my friends in life have been introduced to me through gaming, which should be enough to be thankful.

When Gary passed in 2008 we held our own GaryCon in Boise.  We had a player from Oklahoma come in and I was able to bring in a buddy (and his daughter) from Tennessee.  Several friends drove up from Utah and overall we had eight HackMaster Association members in attendance.  The image above is a convention magnet giveaway that everyone got for attending.  We had a great time, and the focus was on having fun first and gaming second.

I'm hoping that next year we can finally attend the "official" Gary Con.  Until then though we can spend a moment to reflect on the founder of the hobby that we get so much enjoyment out of.

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