March 4, 2012

HackMaster PHB is Almost Off to the Presses!

I've been spending most of my blogging time on my "regular" blog and I've considered moving all of these posts over to it, but I doubt I will.

Linian and Balen have been quite busy adventuring.  If I get the inclination to I'll share some of their story.

What I wanted to come on now and let you know is that the new HackMaster Players Handbook (HM PHB) is a day or two away from going to press.  The folks over at Kenzer & Company aren't calling it Advanced HackMaster but simply HackMaster.

If you want to get a deal on what is going to be one of the most drool-worthy gaming books of the decade (if not century) you better head on over to Kenzer & Company immediately.  Once the book goes to press the free PDF copy will be no more.

The HM PHB runs $60 and with shipping comes to something like $72 domestically.  The PDF will run $40 on it's own and you'll definitely want both if for no other reason to keep the wear & tear on your PHB.  If you haven't seen their Hacklopedia of Beasts I suggest you run out first thing in the morning to your Favorite Local Game Store and view a copy.  If they don't have it, demand that they get one...or two since you will want to buy one.

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Castigator said...

OK, OK, you convinced me, dammit. I ordered it today.