March 4, 2012

Meet Balen (Filled PC Sheet Example)

My PC for the Sunday night home game is named Balen Lionsbane.  I blogged about creating the miniature/avatar on the left in this post.

Of course his real name isn't Lionsbane.  His family are refugees from the Dwarven City of Karasta which was sacked by the Kingdom of Kalamar.  He hopes to go back someday and help reclaim it, but his folks have "happily" resettled elsewhere.  When he left home he changed his last name to insulate his family from anything that he might do and when he single-handedly slew a lion while defending his party he replaced that assumed surname for something cooler.

Balen is a huge anomaly when it comes to HackMaster PCs in that he has the absolute best stats I have ever rolled up for a PC.  If not for the fact that my gaming group I rolled him up with witnessed the rolls, I would probably not be playing him.  The odds of getting the rolls I did were just too astronomically high.  I had three 16's, an 18, and my lowest stat was an 11.  This set of stats could have been anything I wanted....heck i could have easily tried to become a Paladin.  Instead, I kept the stats where they were to max out my bonus build points and I made what I thought the party needed the most, a heavy-hitting fighter.  Although there are better weapons in the Player's Handbook, I made my PC around the concept of dishing out as much damage to opponents shields as possible.

Of course since I've been playing this guy for nearly a year now the new Player's Handbook is about off to press and there are better weapons that match my original concept.  Oh well.

Since I've got a game tonight and was planning on showing off my new PC sheet to the group, I decided to switch Balen over to the new sheet.  I figured some folks may want to see what the sheet looks like filled out.  Now I use a Brother black & white laser printer at home, so my actual copy is greyscale.

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