April 1, 2012

The Muppets

2010 Muppet movie staring Jason Segel and Amy Adams
Carolyn bought The Muppets the other day and I was pretty much, "meh".

Of course, shortly after we started the film I was 110% into it.  I was surprised how the material wasn't just for kids.  In the first musical number I thought I saw a cameo, but instead it was a look-alike.  That bit was really funny to me and I don't want to spoil anything.....
The Muppet Movie gets two thumbs up from me
Watch it and you'll see what I mean.  Make sure to watch the blooper reel afterwards!

Overall, great flick, highly recommended.

1 comment:

Dan said...

I was disappointed. Kermit was way too dreary!!! I'm tired of current movies making the main leads so darn emotional. I would have preferred a longer telethon too,like UHF.