May 27, 2012

Origins Game Fair

Origins Game Fair
It is that time of year where I try to figure out what I need and don't need for the annual trip to Columbus.

The Origins Game Fair has been moved up almost a month this year and instead of being in Columbus for my birthday we get to miss out on our traditional Memorial Day weekend trip to Salt Lake City.

Between the economy and the odd move from the end of June to the end of May, a lot of the people we'd normally see at the convention won't be coming.  Heck, if not for the fact we used one free plane ticket (and one cheap ticket) and a bunch of hotel rewards points we wouldn't be going.

The weekend before a con always sucks a bit because there is all the last minute plans and preparations to be made.  We have our house sitters and pet arrangements made, but there is always some game prep that needs to happen and this year I don't have any airline status so we have to cut down on our baggage.  We never really took a lot before, but when you had two free bags each it wasn't essential for you to be super careful about packing.

All the last minute stress is completely worth it since we will be seeing our friends and should be having a good time.

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