June 5, 2012

Gaming "Business" Cards

I should be on my way home from the Origins Game Fair.

"Should be" because this post was written in March after I finished up one of my small pet projects: business cards.

Now just any business cards, but a take off of a take off of the old Monopoly cards.  I'm assuming that Jolly Blackburn created the originals.  The KenzerCo guys had these cards that were "Get out of Player Character Story for Free".  They had a crude picture of Bob Herzog as the Monopoly Man getting busted from a birdcage.

A lot of folks have seen those cards, but few have seen the "opposite" card that had Squirrely on it that specifically countered the first card.

At first, I decided to just try and edit the original graphics a bit.  I played around with that for some time.  In my opinion, the results were just "meh".  My next step was to start over from scratch, using the original Monopoly cards from the 30's as a base.  It took some doing, but I found the fonts they used back then (or close enough) and by changing the words used I was able to get reasonably close.  Instead of using Bob and Squirrely I went with pictures of David Kenzer and Jolly Blackburn.

When the two cards were finished I had an idea.....one card was based on the Chance cards and the second off of the Community Chest cards.  I thought it would be cool if I used the flip sides as business cards.  One could be for me and the other for my wife Carolyn.  Instead of printing them on paper I would lay them out and print them on appropriately colored cardstock.  Once I was finished with the base files I was able to open up a nice Adobe Illustrator business card template.

Here is a picture of roughly what the cards should look like.  They won't have the border and I've messed up the private info I don't want blindly on this blog.
Modeled after the KenzerCo design

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